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Welcome Card

A single card to appreciate in a simple way all the beauties of Cremona.

80 and more the agreements signed with different subjects to offer discounts on exhibitions, shopping, restaurants and tourist-cultural services: this is the Welcome Card of Cremona, the pass dedicated to those who love the town.

It is easy and cheap! The Welcome Card can be bought paying only 10 euros at the Infopoint in the Municipality Square. It lasts 12 months and it allows to enter the museums and monuments with some discounts. You can also obtain discounts and advantages in different Cremona’s shops, restaurants and hotels.

It is possible to have a free guided tour organized by the Infopoint. With the Welcome Card you can participate to a guided tour every day at 2.30 p.m.
The guided tour includes the amazing Municipality Square with its buildings and monuments rich in history and charm. The tour retraces the town’s centuries and it goes from Solferino Roman Street, to the Roman and Gothic Cathedral’s architecture, the great octagonal Baptistery, the Torrazzo (the tallest bell tower in bricks in Europe), the Municipality Palace and the Loggia dei Militi. All these monuments evoke the atmosphere of the Middle Ages’ life. The tour includes the visit in the Cathedral where you can admire the central nave’s famous paintings of the 16th Century.

In order to buy the Welcome Card (10,00 euros), know the list of the discounts and participate to the guided tour, go to the Infopoint in the Municipality Square. It is open every day and all day long.


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